“CAN WE SEE“ is my introspection on Subjective Memory. In the book, I explore the origins of my Europeanness.

Press text, Verlag Kettler:

Niels Schabrod’s photographs represent a quest for Europe’s icons, for historical snapshots in our collective memory that make sense of and shed light on our understanding of the past. For his project, Schabrod visited four key locations from two centuries: Waterloo, the Western Front, as well as the theaters of the Spanish Civil War and of the D-Day landing in 1944 — places that clearly refer to historical events that, given their relevance to remembrance culture and political history, have informed the development, policies and self-image of the European Union.

Schabrod’s works invite spectators to think about the legacy of those events and our response to them. His photographs show not only the sites themselves, but also the soldiers, politicians, reenactors, and tourists who flock to these battlefields. In conjunction with quotations and textual fragments, they act as a kaleidoscope that continuously shakes up historical details and rearranges them to form ever-new patterns.

Author: Niels Schabrod, Holger Afflerbach, Guillaume de Fonclare, Stéphane Tison, Ed.: Niels Schabrod / Hardcover, 216 pages, 95 photos / 32 x 23,7 cm, en/fr/de / 978-3-86206-958-3 / June 2022 /

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